meticulously crafted

We use the finest raw ingredients, grains, yeast, and nutrients—combined with the expertise of a master distiller—to create unique blends that are sure to surprise, inspire, and delight.

Please Savor the Spirit™ responsibly.

Some things are just meant to be enjoyed slowly: we honor the local craftsmanship that created our beautiful mill building over 130 years ago and we recognize the opportunities that abound in America due to the sacrifices of those who came before us. With this stoutheartedness and resolve, we meticulously craft artisan spirits that have unique flavor profiles, challenging conventions and promoting exploration.



Learn about what it means to be a true “grain-to-glass” distillery. Learn the back story and interesting details behind the creation of the Distillery and the GlenPharmer brand.

tasting room & restaurant

A relaxed polished-casual atmosphere, where we promote the exploration of our signature spirits and the resurgence of the cocktail culture, while enjoying delicious food pairings from our creative, chef-inspired menu.

GlenPharmer® Distillery

860 West Central Street, Franklin, MA 02038 USA

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