It’s not just a slogan, it’s our philosophy. With a family history in pharmacy, we understand the properties of technical distilling and blend them with the craft and artistry of a master distiller.

Our Process

The heart of the GlenPharmer experience is our distillery production area, where our magnificent copper and stainless steel steam-jacketed pot stills tower between two floors, providing an awe-inspiring focal point for our entire operation.

In addition to integrated vodka and whiskey columns, there are five stainless steel 800 gallon fermenters and a single 800 gallon combination Mash Tun/Lauter Tun.

The entire ensemble delivers high quality, small-batch production with the capacity to support GlenPharmer’s robust suite of spirits.


An American Original

With a family history of pharmacists and apothecaries, we embrace our roots in spirits, including the creative ways of dispensing them to circumnavigate the vagaries of American Prohibition.


A Unique Experience

Gracious hospitality, finely crafted spirits, in-depth tours, and delectable dining wait for you from your first step into our historic mill building turned distillery.


"Grain-to-Glass" Distilling

For our entire suite of spirits, not only those distilled from grain, we begin the distillation process with the finest raw ingredients. It’s not just a process—it’s our philosophy. 


Tasting Room & Restaurant

We’re not just a distillery! As an integral part of our spirited culture, we offer guided tasting experiences, craft cocktails, and a seasonal variety of shareables and full meals in our Tasting Room & Restaurant.


Learn about what it means to be a true “grain-to-glass” distillery. Learn the back story and interesting details behind the creation of the Distillery and the GlenPharmer brand.

tasting room & RESTAURANT

A relaxed polished-casual atmosphere, where we promote the exploration of our signature spirits and the resurgence of the cocktail culture, while enjoying delicious food pairings from our creative, chef-inspired menu.

GlenPharmer® Distillery

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